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COVID-19 Resources for Small Businesses

Published: March 23, 2020 by Luis A Pena

Resources for small businesses.

We will do our best to update this page with the latest information and continue to add to it as we find new programs.

Resources for businesses

Community Capital New York Provides Short Term Loans for Small Businesses

For small business that are needing working capital during this crisis there seems to be several options.  One is to wait this out and hopefully using money saved in an emergency fund.  For those who need capital they can choose to borrow.

As you know the SBA has just launched an online application for loans up to $2M called the Disaster Loan Assistance

If a small business needs immediate cash flow, they can apply for our Emergency Express Loan with CCNY for up to $10,000 with expedited closing. Please see the terms in the link

Updated: March 24, 2020

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