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COVID-19 Resource Listings

Published: March 23, 2020 by Luis A Pena

During our time of crisis, it is important to be aware and have access to vital information that will help our local businesses and individuals.

This information is available through a number of resources. Knowing where to find it can be a challenge so with Kathy A Stegenga, Orange County Legislature-District 11, we are listing the resources available to small businesses and the community at large.

We will update this site as often and as quickly as possible in order to provide the most relevant and up to date information we can.

Please share this information so that our communities have access to the help we need.

Links to resources for businesses and the gerneral public

Important Phone Numbers

New York State Hotline For Testing

Orange County Crisis Hotline

Office for the Aging

Senior need food?

Health Department - General Hotline - Open 9 am to 5 pm

Health Department - New York State Hotline - Open 24 hrs

Utilities - O & R

Utilities - Central Hudson

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